Welcome, this award-winning children’s book was co-written by Clay Clement and Mark Summers, co-founder of International Talk Like A pirate Day. This book was a labor of love for pirate Baby Girl and Ninja Boy from their dad Clay Clement and Uncle Cap’n Slappy (Mark Summers).

Artwork by Jun Alvarado.


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 Pirate Santa | Illustrated Children’s Christmas Books

You may think that pirates and Christmas go to together about as well as peanut butter and anchovies, but that simply isn’t the case. Set sail on the high seas in this captivating series of Christmas books about pirates, Santa and the giving spirit of the Holidays. This whimsical reinvention of the story of Saint Nick is refreshingly adventurous compared to other Christmas books.

What can be better than Christmas books about presents and Santa Claus AND PIRATES? Not much. It will tickle the funny bones of readers both young and old and bring added cheer to any Holiday story time. This very well could become your family’s Yule-tide tradition, especially for those families that don’t feel the need to be serious all of the time and just want to be themselves. Pirate Santa is a charming illustrated children’s Christmas book that promises a delightful mix of bold buccaneers and swashbuckling fun. It teaches the universal values of kindness and standing up for what’s right.

The Story of Pirate Santa | Yule-tide Christmas Books

Pirate girl and ninja boy don’t meet Santa’s definition of good and are therefore not able to enjoy the trappings of a Merry Christmas. Their cause is championed by their Dad, ‘Papa Tal’ and the crew of the pirate ship, of which he is a member. Look for Cap’n Slappy who happens to be Santa’s cousin. In this imaginative children’s book they work together to overcome obstacles and make sure that Christmas comes to All children, including pirate girls and ninja boys.

Cap’n Slappy, Tal and their pirate pals take on the job of delivering presents to all the girls and boys who don’t fit Santa’s “rules”. But what presents ? And how will they deliver them?  This might be harder than it looks and the pirates have to call in some favors to get the job done. This beautiful tale of giving and doing the right thing will inspire your children to be fearlessly generous this holiday season, while holding their attention with this creative storyline. Join Pirate Santa on the high-seas and allow your kids the happiness of a book that speaks to them.

Christmas Books that Inspire All Ages

Watch your children’s eyes and imaginations light up when you offer up a Christmas tale with adventure, swashbuckling and kids, just like them, saving the day. Nothing beats seeing their perk up when it’s story time. Better yet, have them read this enchanting and enriching children’s book to you and the family. Christmas Books that inspire both young and old are always a welcomed addition to this very important holiday. 

The Holidays are a fantastic time to remind your children about the rewards of doing good in this world.