Talk Like a Pirate Day

Celebrating Pirates

What is special about September 19th. Ask your teenager? If he is a fan of ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’, he is sure to know. Something to do with pirates? You are getting close. But you’ll probably never guess it. So here it is. It is the international talk like a pirate day.

TLAPD Inception

This has got nothing to do with the Los Angeles police department. See the letter ‘T’ in front? It is the acronym for talk like a pirate day. How do you celebrate this day? You celebrate Valentine’s Day, with flowers and gifts for your loved one. On the world wild life day you get together and talk about conserving wildlife thereby conserving the eco-system. Well, on September19th, you greet friends and fellow observers in pirate speak. Mark Summers and John Baur created this parodic holiday in 1995.

How it Began

Actually, it began as a joke between friends. Baur and Summers, were playing racquetball. An involuntary ‘Aaarrr’ in reaction to pain gave birth to the idea. No. It did not happen on 19th September. Funnily enough they chose the birthday of Summers’ ex-wife as talk like a pirate day. Dave Barry the American humour columnist was taken up by the idea. The day was promoted in his column. Subsequent media coverage has made it popular. You want pirate T-shirts or books, visit their official website by the same outrageous name. Chumbucket and Cap’n Slappy is the pirate avatar of Baur and Summers.

Why Pirates

Why dress and talk like a pirate? Why not? Pirates are fun. Didn’t the girls simply adore Jonny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean? Just think of the attention and fun you can have by dressing and talking like a pirate jus for one day of the year. That’s not to say you can’t have fun the rest of the year. But you can’t go around wearing an ‘eye patch’ and shouting ‘aaarrr’ at passersby. Sooner or later, someone will confine you to the loony bin. But, not on September 19th. On this day, you are allowed to act like a loon – sorry, a pirate. Pirates are a happy lot. They make others smile. Didn’t Jonny Depp put a smile on your lips every time he swash buckled down the gangplank? Join the band of buccaneers. Wear a table leg and a hook and frighten the little old lady next door.