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Right after Talk Like A Pirate Day Sept 19th get ready for the coming of Pirate Santa!  Pirate Santa is a children's book about tattooed pirates in the Caribbean that save the day.Join Cap'n Slappy, Tal ,Ninja Boy, Pirate Baby Girl and crew in one of the best Kid's books about a Christmas pirate adventure. Brought to you by Santa Claus and Studio City Tattoo

Santa Claus – The Most Exciting Part of Christmas

Christmas is round the corner and people all over the world are getting ready to celebrate one of the most popular and loved festivals of all. It is particularly popular with children and with good reason. Christmas is the season for gifts and writing letters to Santa asking for them is the highlight of every child’s holiday. Since the Santa is popular with children of all ages it is only natural that books that tell his story and adventures will be well liked as well. Pirate Santa books add a new twist to this tradition with stories that appeal even to small children.

Christmas and the Santa Tradition

Santa Claus is perhaps the one character that is most associated with Christmas. Children love writing letters to Santa and there is many a Christmas song that is based on him. Adventure books that are based on him are slowly making their presence felt during Christmas. Since there are so many Christmas traditions based on him, adventure books that recount his antics and exploits are perfect during this time of celebration. Pirate stories associated with the Santa are getting more and more popular with children.

Children and Adventure Books

Adventure books have been an eternal favorite with children of all ages. Stories that tell the tale of pirates, thieves, solving of mysteries and other popular children’s characters have never failed to intrigue them. Pirates Caribbean is one such story that has effectively captured the imagination of children the world over. Although not all stories are appropriate for small children, the variety that you can choose from for your child is fairly large. Santa Claus is one character that most children are familiar with and so combining the Santa with Pirates makes for a winning combination.

Pirate Santa Books

Although the combination of Santa and piracy is not common, it definitely makes for an interesting read. The popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies has reignited the interest in pirate stories. Books that involve pirate Santa’s are not very common but they do make for a good reading even for young children. The important thing to remember when choosing books for young child is to avoid those that endorse violence. Pirate Los Angeles books are an excellent choice for children who enjoy adventure and a pirate Santa book is the perfect gift during Christmas time.



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